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Container insurance
para pérdidas parciales

Su contenedor asegurado

En ICI hemos creado una póliza de riesgos enfocada en daños menores con cero deducible.

A través de nuestro equipo de investigación y desarrollo, hemos diseñado un seguro de contenedores a la medida, para daños menores en los cuales pueda incurrir en su trayecto y que sea más accesible para nuestros clientes.

Covered Risks

  • Daños materiales menores hasta US$ 500
  • Limpieza o Barrido del Contenedor
  • Limpieza Química

How to contract our services?

Contact us at +(1) 888-3698790  or leave us your information in the following form and an advisor will contact you.

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Quién puede contratar las pólizas

Who can contract the policies?

Our policies may be contracted by shipping lines, Freight Forwarders or NVOCC, customs agent, exporters, importers, and carriers.

Límites geográficos

Geographical Limits

Geographical limits begin at the moment the insured container leaves the shipping company's premises at the port of origin, and end at the moment in which the empty intermodal equipment is delivered by the consignee or person in charge at the place where its return to the premises of the insured was agreed.

ICI - Seguro de contenedores Plan Platinum


  • Immediate quotes according to your requirements.
  • A fast and certified claim agent network around the world.
  • Personalized customer service, by an experienced account representative, whenever you need it.
  • More than 30 years of experience in the management, monitoring and control of intermodal transport.
  • Coberturas adaptables a su presupuesto.

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Articles and Suggestions

Informational content on the storage, transport and handling of cargo and containers to minimize incidents. Here you will find better practices to take into account, to avoid negative effects and warrant that the cargo arrives at its final destination without suffering any damages.

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