Services and insurance products in all modes of transportation.

At International Container Insurance, we design insurance policies focused on
international trade, thereby guaranteeing protection during your logistical operations, while providing a new service experience.

What sets us apart as an insurer?

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A user-friendly, online platform for the immediate issuance of certificates, thereby facilitating the management of issued policies.

Respaldo de AIG

AIG Endorsement

Our company is backed by American International Group (AIG), an international insurer with an A+ risk rating from Standard & Poor’s, as well as other rating agencies.

Respuesta inmediata

Immediate Response

All our valued customers are assigned an account executive, to provide you with quick and direct responses when you need it the most.

Asesoría personalizada

Personalized advice

Consistent advice from our multidisciplinary team, which has over 50 years of combined experience in the insurance maritime industry.

Exoneración de deducibles

Waiver of deductible

By means of a co-pay, ICI provides the flexibility to waive the deductible based on the product and territory where the policy is being issued.

Insurance Quote Calculator

As a new client, you will be assigned a user ID and passcode which will enable access to an online portal and calculator, so you can generate your own quotes and obtain certificates in real time.

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Why should you get a cargo insurance policy?

Today, eighty per cent (80%) of international trade is carried out by sea.The containers transported may suffer any type of damage during its journey, in which case the consignee, depending on the reason for the loss, must assume responsibility. Estimates show that in 2021, approximately 3,000 containers went overboard in worldwide sea transport.

In recent years, during the transport of merchandise, it was estimated that 15% of accidents take place during land transport.

Studies show that merchandise theft has increased by 9%.In air transport, the packaging of the merchandise is extremely important; most damages occur due to this reason, or because of inadequate anchoring and aerial tragedies. It is estimated that in international transport about 50% of poorly packaged goods suffer damage and/or loss during any type of transport.

Each type of transport faces different risks throughout its journey to their final destination, which is why having good insurance would help mitigate the risk of the investment made in connection with an import or export.

How to submit a claim?

One of our main competitive advantages is the time resolution in handling a claim. From the moment our clients notify ICI of a damage, to the time they receive a resolution, our claim’s department ensures that the entire process for documentation, analysis, loss calculation, and compensation is carried out expeditiously, so that the client's operations are not affected.

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