Total Comprehensive Coverage for Intermodal Units

Total Comprehensive Coverage for Intermodal Units

Our policy covers all risks that may cause damage or inflict a loss of insurable value to a captive asset.

Covered Risks

This policy covers:


Basic Coverage 

  • Total loss of insured units (TTL)
  • Partial damages to the insured unit
  • Cleaning costs associated with the return of the insured unit
  • Riot, civil unrest, and public disorder
  • Third party liability
  • Damages caused to the integrity of special units (i.e; isotanks, reefers, gensets, and similar equipment associated with the proper functioning of the unit).

Geographical limits

The coverage offered begins from the moment the insured unit departs from the port of origin and ends at the moment the unit or, insured asset, is replaced at the port of final destination that was agreed upon between all parties involved in the transaction. The policy provides uninterrupted coverage to the unit for a period up to 365 days or until returned to the port of its final destination as stated in the contract; whichever comes first.

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