Six important recommendations for safe container loading

Six important recommendations for safe container loading

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In international trade, specifically in maritime transport, containers are essential for moving goods. However, there are some important recommendations for the safe loading of intermodal equipment that are little known.

Here are some tips to carry out a safe load and avoid inconveniences or damage to the merchandise.

Before loading

1. Check the interior and exterior of the container in detail

The equipment must be clean, dry and free of any traces of the previous load. In addition, it must not have any type of odor and must be properly disinfected to prevent bacteria or parasites from contaminating the merchandise.

For its part, on the outside, it is necessary to verify that there is no hole or tear that could put the merchandise at risk.

2. Check the container doors

They must close properly, while the hinges and the security seal must be in good condition. Also, the container must be airtight. An effective way to verify this point is to close both doors of the same, being inside, and check that the light does not filter.

3. Remove any labels from the previous load

Finally, remove any information or labels that may have been left over from the previous load to avoid confusion or delays.


After loading

1. Check that the load is properly secured

The merchandise must be prepared and adapted to the capacity of the container. Likewise, it is necessary to verify that the load is properly secured to prevent it from falling or moving during the transfer.

2. Check that the safety latches are engaged

This point is important because it will guarantee the correct closure of the doors and the seals.

3. Arrange the labels corresponding to the load

Finally, place the labels in the suggested positions making sure not to obscure the container number or other relevant data.

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