Less than 50% shipping and maritime companies have cyber security protection

According to a Sea Asia survey to CEO’s of different offshore and maritime companies, less than half reported having prevention and contingency plans in case of a cyber attack.

Cyber security is one of the top threats today for the industry, in fact, 10% of the companies representatives indicated that cyber attacks are the most critical challenge they are facing today. However,  just 43.75% of the companies are ready to face a cyber attack.

90.63% of the executives said more should be done to prevent this type of problems and 93.75% of those surveyed emphasized that more cooperation between government and industry was needed to prevent and identify cyber attacks.

When asked about the digital transformation that shipping industry is experiencing, more than half the surveyed – 58.82%- think that the technological/digital revolution is just around the corner.

Lastly, 81.25% of the executives suggested that reporting of cyber security breaches should be mandatory.






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