BIMCO launches new guide for charter and shipping transactions

The Baltic and International Maritime Council -BIMCO- launched its latest guide for chartering and shipping transactions “Check Before Fixing” with the most recent legal developments.

According to the organization, the first “Check Before Fixing” was issued more than 30 years ago. Since then, is an invaluable checklist for commercial negotiations.

Angus Frew, Secretary General & CEO of BIMCO said:

 “Check Before Fixing has been used by shipowners and charterers around the world for 30 years now, regularly updated, it provides invaluable comprehensive information and advice, helping to avoid any pitfalls in negotiations, while making clear the consequences of any commercial decisions.

Many of our members regard this as a key publication underpinning their daily negotiations and they have welcomed the news that we have updated it to reflect the most current and significant regulatory changes and legal developments. The inclusion of cyber security for the first time reflects how our industry is changing and how we must keep on top of new developments and threats.”

The 2017 version also includes important topics such as new regulations (including Ballast Water Management and sulphur emissions), IMO issues, E-bills, piracy and, for the first time, cyber security.

This latest Check Before Fixing version is available for purchase for anyone. For more information, please visit the Witherby website.

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