About Us

About Us

We are dedicated to the world-wide servicing of container insurance in order to provide you with a new experience.

The Company

ICI is a dynamic corporation that is backed by first class international reinsurers that offer risk management programs on a global scale.

Our objective is to provide personalized attention that is focused in the continued development and optimization of insurance programs that can adapt to our captive asset’s particular needs.

Quick response teams for claim analysis and inspections, as well as cutting edge technology are just a few elements that characterize the quality of service you will expect from our organization.

At ICI we are committed in satisfying our captive portfolio´s needs by constantly maximizing and developing our logistical process via our specialized, multi-disciplinary team.


The design and implementation of all-encompassing insurance plans that will provide coverage to intermodal units with the sole purpose of providing safety and quick reusage of it’s assets with the end goal of maximizing transport efficiency.


Our corporate vision is to expand our commercial reach and strategies in all continents in order to optimize the intermodal flow of manufactured.


Trust: Creating a firm conviction of trust that you will be in the best hands through our expertise in risk management.

Efficiency: Our services are focused in minimizing any communicational gaps, with the goal of optimizing our experience.

Service Statement: Our commitment is to understand your particular needs and resolve any inquiries or concerns in an expedited manner to provide the highest level of quality service.

Solvency: Our business model is based on a robust; state of the art platform that is backed by first class international reinsurer’s, allowing us to honor our contractual obligations.

We strive in providing cutting edge technology that relies on real time status.